Happy New Years

In an attempt to document, and hold myself accountable, my new year’s resolution I thought I’d try blogging again.  Hopefully I’ll post more than 3 times a year.  🙂

So what is my new year’s resolution?  Ready for it?  I am resolving to lose weight in 2016!  Totally cliche, right?  I know, I know.  But it needs to be done and I’m ready to do it.  I’m also not JUST resolving to lose weight.  That’s too big.  I’m going to make a series of monthly resolutions throughout the year to keep me motivated and to require me to reevaluate my needs throughout the year.

For the month of January I will be completing the Whole 30.  I’m actually making it a Whole 31 because January has 31 days.  One thing that attracted me to this is that it really helps you kick the sugar habit which is one of my big struggles and with a family history of diabetes it isn’t a habit I can afford to continue.  I also like that it helps determine what foods are triggers for your body because we’re not all the same.

I’ve spent a lot of time during December searching out recipes that are Whole 30 compliant, reading about other people’s experiences and trying to set myself up for success (and if I’m being totally honest…eating all the foods I thought I’d miss come January).  One of the things I read over and over again is to clearly define what you’re hoping to get out of the Whole 30.  Without knowing your goal it is hard to know if you’ve succeeded.  So here is what I’m hoping to get from this month:

  • fewer sugar cravings
  • not waking up achy, sore and feeling like I’m 100 years old
  • better sleep
  • weight loss/better fitting clothes
  • more energy

I’m really excited to see how this month changes me and I’m also really excited to be eating whole and real foods.  I can feel my body craving them but cookies scream louder than spinach.

So far I’ve made it to 1pm on January 1st and all is well.  True, all I’ve eaten is breakfast but I ate sweet potato and 2 eggs instead of a bagel or bowl of sugary cereal.  Small victories people.  I know full well that the next 31 days will not be as easy as this morning.  Here is what I’m expecting:


I’ll keep you posted!


4 thoughts on “Happy New Years

  1. I did the Whole30 last January and although it was a lot of cooking I felt great. Unfortunately I didn’t stick to it and put on the 10 lbs I lost. My goal this year is to stay close to Whole30 plan and just be mindful of living a life I design. Good luck to you!


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